Intercultural Communication in Europe

The PICTURE project


We welcome you to the PICTURE project on intercultural communication. 
With the ever increasing mobility of not only Europeans but also other people from all over the world the need for mutual understanding is becoming more and more important.  With this project we are offering a tool for students and teachers alike to further develop their intercultural competence in their contacts with foreigners.




PICTURE offers - in 5 languages  - guided modules and video material aiming to increase insight into intercultural communication in Europe among students from age 16 onwards.

The core item is a personal interview with foreigners carried out by students after in-class preparation. This means that students have to actually use the language they are studying in practice. They are prepared for these interviews with material that can be used in class but also through interactive lab units and video clips such as How to interview. By way of example parts of some interviews as carried out by Dutch students are shown here on video.

Please feel free to download our introductory unit to read about our ‘mission’, then browse through the website and see how you can use the materials!

One of PICTURE's by-products is a collection of "intercultural incidents", some of which have been published in this booklet, a pdf-file, the cover of which is shown on the right.

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